Meister Masonry undertake projects on all types of schemes and buildings, including but not limited to commercial and residential. Our specialist residential teams have a thorough understanding of the very specific criteria involved in the construction of residential properties. We encourage our early engagement in residential projects so we are able to advise from the beginning on suitable stones, resolve any design issues and understand the Client’s expectations fully. Drawing on our experience of stones from across the UK and the world, we are able to make suggestions and advise on stone choices that may not have been previously considered – this is particularly relevant for some of the more exotic stone choices for residential bathrooms, feature walls and patterned flooring.


Our specialist Restoration Team is skilled in the careful restoration, repair and cleaning of all types of buildings and structures across the commercial, public and residential sectors. Thorough surveys are undertaken first and the most non-invasive cleaning approaches used. Our team are experienced in all types of external façade and internal cleaning including specialist cleaning such as emergency graffiti removal. Repair and restoration works are generally made in situ and include work to masonry, brick, terracotta and most hard bodied materials.


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