The design and technical team at Meister Masonry are always on hand to offer our Clients professional and expert advice.

We welcome the opportunity to be involved with your project from an early stage and would be delighted to visit your scheme to discuss your requirements. Drawing from our industry experience, we have every confidence that our design advice will add value to your project and potentially reduce the risk of any construction problems, once on-site.

Working on projects with national housebuilders, universities, hotels, churches, commercial developments, self-builders, private residences and other stonemasonry contractors, the team can draw from experience and offer their specialist guidance and advice on solving complex design issues.

Striving to provide our Clients with the best possible experience, we are constantly updating and increasing the services we can offer to our customers.



Stone is a natural product, and its structural and weathering characteristics cannot be re-engineered therefore careful consideration must be given to its suitability and application. Our team can help ensure that the stones used in your specification are fit for purpose and correctly specified.

Unlike other stone companies, Meister Masonry owns and runs its own production facility which ensures optimum value for money, speed of production and rigorous quality control. We can buy blocks in from all over the world and manufacture the stone ourselves, which also makes it easy for the Client to inspect their stone whilst in production. Meister Masonry has close ties with British and international quarries.


Having an early involvement in a project allows our design team to assist with the general design principals, providing invaluable guidance on the durability, feasibility, budget impact and ease of construction.

We can help you or your consultants with your stone design, or as the specialists, we are more than happy to undertake the stone designs for you.


When the general design is complete, our team moves onto the next step which is when the stone detailing begins. Our design team, many of whom are ex-masons themselves, know how this stone is to be manufactured and therefore how to produce the design detailing to ensure the best results are achieved for our customers.

We detail our stones for all the individual elements to ensure efficient production and quality components.


Whether using approved drawings created by our inhouse design team or our those provided by our Clients team, we create A4/A3 size production schedules for each type of stone unit, together with templates, as necessary.

Each schedule shows a sketch detail of the unit along with all dimensions, number required, location on site, finished weight, cube, drawing reference, and any labour details.

A4/A3 fabrication details for each type of fixing, where required, will be produced, and will show all component parts, grade of steel etc. The fixing reference is cross‐referenced to the applicable locational drawings.


Stone is very often made to bespoke designs, and pieces may be heavy and hold delicate profiling, making conventional handling techniques difficult or even impossible. Our team are on hand to advise on weights, help with best handling practices and to ensure the stone is packaged safely whilst also being buildability friendly.


It is sometimes essential for stone components to be modelled in 3 dimensions. This is often done to ensure its accuracy or assess the design properly. Should this be a requirement or if this does prove necessary, our design team has the capability to undertake this complex task.


Using our 3D scanner, the digitisation of existing stonework or a unique feature, component or statue, allows a much more dynamic representation of carved stones to be created. Putting the 3D light scanning equipment to good use and the use of other techniques, it is possible to create a highly detailed virtual model of your required components.


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