Originally home of the illustrious Brocas family for over five hundred years, this site is steeped in history. Standing in the grounds of this medieval manor house, you are enclosed by an ancient moat and c.250 acres of private gardens, parklands and farmlands that have altered little since medieval times.

Adjoining the existing grade II listed building is the new extension of this manor house, which has been considerately developed by the Architects to complement the existing manor house.

Using Portland stone from the isle of Portland, the Jurassic Coasts’ most southerly point, Meister Masonry were contracted to design, supply and install the Portland stonework to this unique property, as well as being contracted to supply and install the stonework for two large curved bridges that link the entrance drive to the manor house, across the moat.

Every construction project comes with their own challenges and this project was no exception. The two sweeping bridges across the moat had to be designed to withstand the impact of a rouge fire engine and therefore a substantial amount of steelwork had to be introduced into the design, which was later enclosed by the stonework. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and proactive attitude of the entire project team, we were able to constructively work together to ensure a sufficiently robust, yet aesthetically pleasing solution was found.

On a project of this scale, there is always more than one challenge and being faced with such a vast frontage, which contained an elegant mix of two main façade materials (stonework & brickwork), which fell on the critical path, both Meister and Rosedale, the brickwork specialist, had to work extremely closely and collaboratively to ensure the sequencing, planning and installation were all considered and undertaken without delay.

Stone Contractor: Size Group

Materials: Portland Broadcroft Whitbed Limestone

Client: Private client
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