Prestbury War Memorial

Prestbury War Memorial was unveiled by the Bishop of Gloucester in 1921. Originally designed by local architect John Coates Carter (a resident of Prestbury), the memorial was erected to commemorate the fallen Prestbury service men from World War 1.

Making the BBC regional news in more recent times, the memorial was vandalised, pushed over and parts of it were stolen, leading to the Parish Council having to fundraise for the memorial to be repaired.

Being a local stone masonry company, and, for such an important historical commemoration, Meister Masonry felt obliged to assist with the works and offered to undertake the stone repairs free of charge and therefore negate the need for the Parish Council to fundraise.

This charitable gesture did not come without its challenges! The memorial itself was that badly damaged by the vandals, that it was impossible to piece back together the details of the intricate stone carvings and therefore the team at Meister had to call on local residents to provide any manner of photographs, drawings, images that they may have held to determine what the original work looked like.

Not only was recreating the design a challenging aspect, but the original stone used to create the memorial had not been sold on the British market for 50 years. Thankfully, through our extensive industry contacts, we managed to source the exact stone from a mine that was about to open – we were their first customer!

Hand carved by our resident team of expert masons, we are extremely proud to have been involved in a project with such historical and sentimental importance.

Main Contractor:          Meister Masonry

Architect:                    Meister Masonry

Materials                     Box Ground, Bath Stone – Limestone


Client: Prestbury War Memorial
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